Learn Irish with A Christmas Carol(Childrens Edition): A Beginner Diglot Story

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Timeless stories brand new language learning potential.Here at Diglot, we believe that traditional language education, with its painful memorisation, repetition, and tedious grammar classes, have failed students around the world in their pursuit of learning a new language, and over 50 years of education research supports us on this. Studies show that the best way of encouraging language acquisition is reading and listening to engaging and accessible content, and with that vision in mind, we created the Diglot Weave. Your Weaved novel(Children's edition) will begin with 5 translated words. With every new chapter, 5 more words are introduced. This might not seem like a lot but studies show that only one word is learnt for every ten hours in a school setting. Our method takes kids who love to read and promotes an enjoyable and educational format for them to so in. We guarantee you will never want to learn a language any other way again.