Learn Spanish with Sherlock Holmes, A Beginner Diglot Story

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Welcome to diglot, our vision is to aid in the acquiring of secondary languages through the reading of your favourite books. Our company takes timeless stories and translates them into what we call a diglot weave. Your weaved book will start with a single translated word and will increase in frequency as you progress. By the end of the book you will be up to 150 translated words! Our educational system has failed in arming us with a secondary language and 50 years of language learning research supports this! For every 10 hours spent learning a language in school only a single word is retained! Studies have shown that the only way that language is acquired is through reading and listening to interesting and accessible content. Learning spanish with Sherlock Holmes is designed to be as easy and enjoyable as possible while we follow the adventures of our favourite detective.

Learn Spanish using scientifically proven never seen before methods as we take a deep dive into two of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles most recognisable tales as both a Study in Scarlet and The Hound of the Baskervilles are included with supplementary vocabulary tables and pronunciation guides.
Diglot products are designed to make acquiring language as simple and easy as possible and so are perfect for people on a beginner to intermediate level and want to bring their profiency to the next level!