Learn Spanish With Pride and Prejudice,: A Beginner Diglot Story

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The Diglot Weave is a brand new way of learning languages. Backed 50 years of language learning research, and trusted by students, Diglot provides you with a way of increasing your vocabulary in your language of choice, without the need for tedious and repetitive grammar tests, or constant memorisation.Studies have shown that the most efficient method of language acquisition is reading and listening to engaging and accessible content, and the Diglot Weave provides just that. Your Weaved novel will begin with a single word in Spanish, and as it progresses, more and more words will be seamlessly incorporated, allowing your brain to learn this vocabulary without even noticing it! By the end of the book you will have learned 150 words, without ever needing to pick up a pen, or sit in a classroom.This gives you a word acquisition rate of up to 20 words an hour, compared to one word every ten hours in traditional school settings. Once you've tried the Diglot Weave method, you'll never want to learn any other way again.This Diglot Edition of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is the perfect introduction to learning Spanish. Immerse yourself in the language of love while you get lost in Austen's world of manners, gentlemen, and hidden feelings, that has captured the imaginations of millions of readers around the globe. The story is timeless, and now you can enjoy it while learning Spanish in the most efficient, and seamless way possible.