Learn Irish with The Great Gatsby: Level 2 (A1)

Level 2

Learn Irish with The Great Gatsby: Level 2 (A1)



"His hand, trembling le his effort at self-control, bore to his lips the last of his glass of ale. Daisy's voice got us to our feet agus out on the blazing gravel drive."

Here at Diglot, we develop language learning books backed by 50 years of scientific research. This Diglot Edition of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the perfect introduction to learning Irish. Immerse yourself in the Irish language while you get lost in Fitzgerald's world of affluence, mystery, and romance, which has captured the imaginations of millions of readers around the globe.

At the start of our books, a few words in each sentence are translated into your target language. As you progress, getting lost in the world of fantasy, more and more translated words are added. Research has proven that learners acquire languages through context, and we allow this to happen gradually and naturally, without the learner even noticing the language skills they are absorbing. 

Say goodbye to learning languages with painful memorization, repetition and tedious grammar classes. Instead, take the fun, effective and engaging approach with Diglot.

This book is designed to be read after our book "Learn Irish with the Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Level 1" but should not be too challenging for complete beginners. 

"A unique and innovative idea executed brilliantly. A truly fun way to learn"- M. McWilliams

"Diglot is such a fantastic idea, it removes the frustration so frequently associated with language learning. Theres a sense of achievement as you progress through the book and it actually makes language learning fun! So far I see it helping and my students are loving it"- Aisling

"What I really enjoy about the books is the immediate feeling of success when you understand a word you've never seen before 


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