Learn French With Frankenstein Or the Modern Prometheus,: A Beginner Diglot Story

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✔️ Beginner Level      ✔️ 150 French Words

✔️ Captivating Story  ✔️ Free Vocab Tables

🦜Timeless stories brand new language learning potential. Join our mysterious Dr Frankenstein as he fashions the monster carved so finely into Halloween history. A tale of gripping murder, mystery and monster hunting. Escape into Mary Shelley's mistaken world while learning French in the most seamless, efficient and enjoyable way possible.

🦜Your Weaved novel will begin with a single word in the target language, and as it progresses, more and more words will be seamlessly incorporated, allowing your brain to subconsciously acquire these new words.

🦜By the end of the book, you will have learned 150 words, without ever needing to pick up a pen or sit in a classroom.

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