Learn Portuguese with the Wonderful Wizard Of Oz: Level 1 (A1)

Level 1

Learn Portuguese with the Wonderful Wizard Of Oz: Level 1 (A1)


✔️ Beginner Level      ✔️ 100 Portuguese Words

✔️ Captivating Story  ✔️ Free Vocab Tables and Pronunciation Guide

🦜“Come along, Toto,” she said. “Nós will go to a Cidade Esmeralda and ask the Great Oz how to get back to Kansas again.” She closed the door, locked it, and put the key carefully in the pocket of her dress. E so, with Toto trotting along soberly behind her, she started on her journey.

🦜Learn Portuguese with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz follows the magical adventure of Dorothy, a young girl caught up in a tornado with her little dog, Toto. She finds herself in the mystical Land of Oz, where she follows the yellow brick road to the Emerald City to ask the Wizard for help in returning to Kansas. Along the way, she meets several interesting characters including the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion who join her on her travels to ask the Wizard for help of their own.

🦜Follow the adventure while learning your first words of Portuguese in a seamless way. Here at Diglot, we believe that traditional language education, with its painful memorisation, repetition and tedious grammar classes, have failed students around the world in their pursuit of learning a new language. Over 50 years of education research supports us on this. Studies show that the best way of encouraging language acquisition is reading and listening to engaging and accessible content. With that vision in mind, we created Diglot. The novel begins in English with a single translated word weaved into the sentences. As you progress through the book more and more translated words are added. Our method allows you to learn up to 20 words per hour in your target language – we think you’ll never want to learn languages in any other way.


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