Learn German with Alice in Wonderland: Level 3 (A1)

Level 3

Learn German with Alice in Wonderland: Level 3 (A1)


✔️ Beginner Level             ✔️ 250 German Words

✔️ 450 German Phrases   ✔️ Free Vocab Tables

"Ich almost wish ich hadn't gone down that rabbit-hole und yet - it's rather curious, du weiBt, this sort of life!"

Here at Diglot, we develop language learning books backed by 50 years of scientific research. Delve into Lewis Carrol's world of Wonderland while learning a new language with this unique weaved novel.

This Diglot Edition of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is the perfect tool to help you on your journey to learning German. At the start of our books, a few words in each sentence are translated into your target language. As you progress, getting lost in the world of fantasy, more and more translated words are added. Research has proven that learners acquire languages through context, and we allow this to happen gradually and naturally, without the learner even noticing the language skills they are absorbing.

By the end of the book, you will have learned up to 250 unique words and over 450 unique phrases, without ever needing to pick up a pen or sit in a classroom. Say goodbye to learning languages with painful memorization, repetition and tedious grammar classes. Instead take the fun, effective and engaging approach with Diglot.

This book is a level 3 beginner level. It is best suited to those who have little understanding of German but want to push their understanding to the Elementary and Intermediate levels. 

"A unique and innovative idea executed brilliantly. A truly fun way to learn"- M. McWilliams

"Diglot is such a fantastic idea, it removes the frustration so frequently associated with language learning. There's a sense of achievement as you progress through the book and it actually makes language learning fun! So far I see it helping and my students are loving it"- Aisling

"What I really enjoy about the books is the immediate feeling of success when you understand a word you've never seen before" - Anna


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