Learn a new idioma Sprache language langue idioma teanga through context.

Learn your favourite language with our revolutionary new language acquisition method.
Weeve Languages Book Displayed In 5 collections Irish German Spanish French Italian

After Reading Our Books BücherLeabhairlibrosLivros

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Understand 73% of Netflix Subtitles
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Understand 83% of words in conversations
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Understand 96% of Tinder Bios
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Why you're not making progress with le con mit avec com your language learning.

  • Memorisation and grammar doesn't improve fluency.
  • You can't understand native content which is vital for improvement.
  • Content made for beginners is both boring and difficult.

Wee've Done our ár unsere notre nossos neustro Research.

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Understand 15% more of your surroundings with each book

The most important words are spread across the collection meaning you get a 15% increase in comprehension with each book you read.

Verb table showing how DIglot Weeve teaches verb conjugations in context

Never look at a verb table again

We show each verb in all of its conjugations so you can pick up these tenses through context.

Weighing scales symbolising the 80:20 principle which outlines efficient language learning

Take advantage of the 80:20 principal

The top 1000 most frequent words make up ~85% of speech. Our books guarantee that you learn these critical words.

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Forget painful memorization

Studies show we fully learn a word if we read it in context 12 times. Our books guarantee this so you're never stuck forgetting.

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Get perfect pronunciation with IPA guides

Each chapter has a guide showing you how to pronounce each word. IPA is way linguists perfectly show the pronunciation of words.

Wee've Got Something Special Coming Soon...

The Weeve Reader is open for early Beta Testing. Sign up for an account today and help us shape the future of language learning together.

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The Path To Understanding Is é es ist est é Simple.

Weeve Spanish Language Learning books which help learn languages through context understanding

Find your New Weeve Collection

Our new Weeve book collections are the best way to get started at a language. We will take you from zero understanding all the way to 80% with just 3 adored classics. Check them out!

Weeve open book showing pronunciation of foreign languages

Understand Basic Words & Grammar

Our books come packed with Vocabulary tables and pronunciation guides giving you the confidence to use the words you come across within your story.

Weeve Language Learning book showing open page with language learning tips

Learn conjugations & structure without even trying

Everybody hates these elements of language. Weeve dispenses with boring memorisation and grammar exercises and teaches you the right way. Within the context of a story you enjoy.

Weeve Language Learning book showing the open page of the book showing how to learn languages easily

Understand 60% of the novel in your new language.

After reading our Beginner Weeve series you can follow onto our Elementary Weeve series. Here you can read up to 60% of the most important words & phrases in your target language.

Hear How Conas Como Wie Comment Como Our Friends Are Doing

“The perfect way to read your favorite book and learn a language at the same time! Learning French has been tough for me but Weeve ‘Learn French with Pride and Prejudice’ makes it so easy and fun, you read the book and next thing you know, you can understand and speak a new language!”


"Reading Learn French with Pride and Prejudice was like a warm blanket. The comfort of reading an old favourite, while recalling French lessons I had in third grade."


"I really love the whole concept of Weeve and what they aim to achieve. It’s so great to be able to learn a language subtly through your favourite classic books, in a way that makes you, if not unaware of learning that language, then making it a much easier and more enjoyable experience."


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