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Say goodbye to repetitive lessons & boring short stories.

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Studies show that learning through context is the most effective way to learn a language.

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Speak Spanish with Confidence

Reading and speaking are not two separate skills. Your brain sees it all as language.

We understand why learning a language is such a pain.

Memorisation sucks. We don’t want you to waste time studying like you did in school. We give you access to the best language learning content.

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Learn Through Context

We show common words in english sentences so you can pick up these words through context.

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The 80:20 Principle

The 1000 most frequent words make up ~85% of speech. Our app allows you to learn these words.

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Learn Perfect Pronunciation

Tap any new word to hear the correct pronunciation, or immerse yourself with an audiobook.

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Forget about memorisation

Studies show we learn a word if we read it in context 12 times. We utilise this research so you remember new words.

The app library which has best-selling books on language learning fast

We value your time. Learn Spanish in as little as 15 minutes per day.


How Weeve Works

the best books to learn a language weeve language method learn easily through contextweeve language learning method quickest and fun way to learn
learn a language through context with easy and fun translation
quickest and fun way to learn a language through context

Choose a Weeve that catches your eye.

We condense best-selling books into their key ideas. This allows you to learn the world most useful ideas whilst learning Spanish.


Choose a difficulty to read or listen to your Weeve.

Using the slider you can change the level of Spanish weeved throughout your book. This means you can go from understanding nothing to understanding everything, at the perfect pace for you.

Become effortlessly brilliant at Spanish.

You can now Weeve yourself into the Spanish speaking world.

Hear How Our Friends Are Doing

wizard of oz friends help you learn language

“The perfect way to read your favorite book and learn a language at the same time! Learning French has been tough for me but Weeve ‘Learn French with Pride and Prejudice’ makes it so easy and fun, you read the book and next thing you know, you can understand and speak a new language!”


"Reading Learn French with Pride and Prejudice was like a warm blanket. The comfort of reading an old favourite, while recalling French lessons I had in third grade."


"I really love the whole concept of Weeve and what they aim to achieve. It’s so great to be able to learn a language subtly through your favourite classic books, in a way that makes you, if not unaware of learning that language, then making it a much easier and more enjoyable experience."


wizard of oz friends help you learn a language quickly
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