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What is Diglot?

𝗧𝗼𝗱𝗮𝘀 words are learnt through context

Adults know roughly 50,000 words nearly todas of which were learnt through context. The human brain is designed to learn words through context and that’s why we only need to read a word 12 times en context to have it forever. Stop memorising words from lists. Just because you know a word’s translation doesn’t mean you can hear and understand the word en context.

"Reading Learn French with Pride and Prejudice was like a warm blanket. The comfort of reading an old favourite, while recalling French lessons I had in third grade."


“The perfect way to read your favorite book and learn a language at the same time! Learning French has been tough for me but Diglot ‘Learn French with Pride and Prejudice’ makes it so easy and fun, you read the book and next thing you know, you can understand and speak a new language!”